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About Me

I See my embroidery like one-off works of art with a practical purpose.

Art work can be worn and should not be the privilege of adults. Fun and colour are not bound to age.

I view the materials (yarns, beads, sequins, textile paints and metal threads) in a similar way painters use their paints: I use them to create texture and shades.

The subjects are often derived from nature and the natural world. Flowers, butterflies, insects generally, fish, shells and water itself often feature on the clothes, accessories and decorative items I design.

All the items are finished to the highest possible standard and all embroidery and embellishments are applied by hand. At no point is machinery of any kind used.

I accept commissions to decorate items to your specifications. I am happy, where possible, for customers to supply the item to be decorated.

I work in a traditional way, therefore I also accept to embroider (initials on) household linen.

The designs of Masters such as François Lesage first caught my eye in 1975, when visiting an exhibition on the subject in Paris. This life long interest was later confirmed when I saw a display exclusively devoted to his work 10 years later.

I am fully qualified Embroidery Master with 30n years of experience. I won my first commission at the age of 15.
Started to work for Belgian fashion designers some of them are now household names (Pierre Gaulthier, Nathan, **, d’Haeseleer et Buchman, Ch & P Lester, **)

I visited japan and studied their traditional embroidery and markmaking techniques.

My Skills And Interests:

  • Workshop Teacher
  • Needlework
  • Printing
  • Mark Making


Photography : Howard Willson

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